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Doppelgänger is a German word that refers to the existence of an identical copy of the one who projects it, one that can be in two places at the same time. Where a person manages to project a double of himself from his environment, mood or circumstances.

The concept of this project plays with these theories. One is the person who uses it and the other is the reflection as an independent being. Returning to the feelings that are generated when we see our reflection, our other self, that self that we seek to be.

Mirrors are commonly seen as vanity objects; however, this project seeks to be a reflective piece and not a tool for narcissism. Doppelgänger seeks to invite the user to observe himself from the outside, to recognize us as another person, to reflect and to really think what we want, where are we going and why we are here.

The marble, in spite of its coldness, was in the Renaissance time the closest thing to a living material, which allowed the creation and gave balance to art.


The mirrors are the reflection that allows seeing with clarity the reality that surrounds us. The wood is a fibrous substance, unique and unrepeatable, which gives us contact with our origins. The color black represents silence, darkness and loneliness, and the red symbolizes power, vitality and ambition. 


A sculptural piece that evokes the possibility of looking at your self as another, seeking a balance in your emotions and feelings through isolated moments of reflection.

Presentation Museo Rufino Tamayo, Territorio Creativo Inédito, 

Design Week Mexico  2016. 

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