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Defend the craftsmanship and the personality of the materials. Once again we are faced with the challenge of creating highly innovative objects, using new techniques and new technologies. Maybe my point of view about design is different.

I am not against the industrialization of design but I consider it really important not to leave aside the essence of craftsmanship, and with craftsmanship I do not mean only the looms embroidered for weeks and weeks or some black clay vases made and baked by hand. I refer to craftsmanship where a person, whatever their profession, creates an object, that fulfills a certain function and adapts itself. Either to your needs or the needs of someone else. I reiterate that I have nothing against the industry, but my point of view is that the human factor is essential. When you are a craftsman and you are tired you squeeze a loom in a different way and another way comes out, for me, that is an added value and no 3D printer or a laser cutting machine can give you that.

This project adds a playful spirit, an inspiration in classical art and a great passion for preserving classical techniques, ranging from the creation of ceramic molds to metallurgy. Create a tribute to the people who live, create and work the design.


Create a link with the creative arts such as dance, fashion and floristry. And it is inspired by my passion for ancient sculptures. The initial objective was to use a different material or component, sophisticated but at the same time extremely ordinary; salt. Expand its borders materializing them to create fun and functional pieces.

Starting from a more artistic point of view, these objects show a playful, optimistic and empathetic sensibility, detectable at first sight. Creating functional and aesthetic objects taking up trades of people that I love and admire in the City of Mexico.

Retaking my passion for the art of rebirth. The David of Michelangelo, imposing not only because of its size and its perfection, but also because it was created with religious motives, today and for more than 500 years it has represented the independence of the Republic of Florence. A universal icon of power and triumph. Based on these theories and those events, I would like, in a less ostentatious way and on a much smaller scale, to create pieces that pay homage to Mexican personalities that I admire not only for their professions but for their emotional value in my life.


Their best tool: their hands. I select 3 people with completely different professions which use their hands as a work tool, whether to dance, create a flower arrangement or express a feeling through acting. Creating 3 different objects, directly related to your profession.

Presentation Museo Rufino Tamayo, Territorio Creativo Inédito, Design Week Mexico  2018. 

 © 2019 by Raul de la Cerda

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