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Lazy Table

The concept is the essentiality of the material (untreated and natural appearance) with a simple and minimalist style. Straight lines, geometric shapes; less ornaments, less noise and more functionality. Easy on sight, body and use.

Lazy is a dining table inspired by the simple, honest and utilitarian approach of the movement after which it is named. A round tabletop in solid wood or marble with an integrated "Lazy Susan" rests upon a timber wood leg.


Each piece plays with the concepts of scale and simplicity to form functional, friendly, reliable design objects, made by Mexican hands using the highest technology to provide the highest quality.


D160 × H75 cm, lazy susan D50cm // D200 × H75 cm, lazy susan D60cm // D260 × H75 cm, lazy susan D160cm


Available in American black laquered oak, American walnut, American white oak, or European Ash in a range of finishes; with a tabletop in solid wood, white Carrara, Calacatta and Black Marquina Marble.

Presentation Design Week Mexico  2018

Exclusive design for  Artelinea

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