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“Martina, a perfectly dressed Mexican woman; eccentric, bold and elegant. With a nationalist nature, and pride in her soul to wear traditional clothes, patterns and details that make Mexican design, unique. With a firm step and a slight smell of wool. 

Martina was born of an adventure called Chiapas. Where a designer met some incredible artisans. It is Martina, a stamp of pride and inspiration, paying homage to Mexican traditions.


Acquiring Martina, will involve not only to understand that you are interacting with something functional, but that invites you to be part of a project that contributes and is committed with Mexico; cooperating in the social development of those involved in the creation: artisans, designers and producers, that with their talent take care of every detail so that Martina doesn’t lose her essence.

Made with certified walnut wood  (water-based inked). Created through assemblies, to avoid the further use of bolts and screws. Upholstered with two different wool looms made in the region of Chiapas and the Estado de México. 


So this is how Martina is born, the conclusion of a joint project, tradition, social commitment and high quality materials. But above all, the talent of many hands that made a great effort, understand and help her be who she is.

Presentation Museo Rufino Tamayo,

Territorio Creativo Inédito, Design Week Mexico  2016. 

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